information Things to know about .XYZ; Reza Sardeha might return; Fast Transfer concerns; The future of GPT domains; So done with Epik

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Some things you must be aware of when investing in .XYZ domains; Reza, founder of Dan, might return to domain investing; Fast transfer concerns; The future of GPT domain names; Domainer is "so done" with Epik.

Some things you should know about XYZ
For almost a decade, the .XYZ TLD has been met with a range of negativity, including disbelief at reported .XYZ domain sales. This discussion carries a strong anti-XYZ bias but attempts to present the general public's sentiment about .XYZ domain names. Join in to share your personal opinion and thoughts.

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ex DAN CEO Reza might actually come back
The founder of Undeveloped/, Reza Sardeha, shared news of his potential return to the domain industry, months after launching, a European start-up that attempts to make mortgages affordable. Will he commit to that statement?

Topic by @Lox

Concerned about Fast Transfer
The Afternic-driven Fast Transfers make transfers of domains post-sale Outside of that convenience, there's a sentiment of concern that can generate anxiety about losing your domain to some scheme. Should you keep FT enabled or oppose it?

Topic by @Peak.Domains

Will be there any future fo GPT Domains?
ChatGPT has been a pioneer in textual AI but in recent weeks it has been losing accuracy, according to some reports. While other companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Meta are developing their own AI systems, will there be a future in "GPT" domains? Share your sales, if any, in this thread.

Topic by @sameerayub

So done with Epik
Despite a change in leadership and promises of ironing out year-long issues, Epik appears to be incorrigible. Domain investors expect a normal transfer, for example, to complete smoothly but it doesn't happen. Join Lauren, who just clocked 20 years at NamePros, in this discussion.

Topic by @Lauren Stephens

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