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While the United States is probably the dominant power in domain names, its own country code extension, .us, has not achieved the same strength. For example, even though Canada has about one-tenth the population of the United States, its .ca extension has almost double the registration numbers of .us, and about triple the number of websites in the Alexa 1M.

The reason is primarily because .com plays the role of a United States country code in many ways. Initially, .com, .net and .org were intended as American extensions, only later coming to be viewed in the global sense.

Nevertheless, the .us country code has been a significant extension since its introduction in 1985.

Just last month, two domain names in the extension sold for more than $10,000 each, with selling at Sedo for $20,000 on March 5, 2021, and selling for $11,822 on March 24, 2021, also at Sedo.

In this article, I take a look at major sales, the extension sell-through rate, annual trends, and the distributions of sales and asking prices.

Sales Trends

The annual dollar volume of all .us extension sales (above $100) listed in NameBio are shown. Other than an abnormally high 2011, the sales volume has been relatively stable. Note that there have been reporting changes during the period covered.


Averaged over the past five years, 155 sales above $100 per year were listed in NameBio, with an average price of about $1000.

Sales Price Distribution

While a few sales are at very high prices, the majority of sales in the .us extension are at prices under $1000. The full distribution is shown below.


The highest sale recorded in the .us extension on NameBio is sold for $75,000 at Afternic in 2007.

Top US Sales Last 5 Years

At least from those recored in NameBio, the top sales in the .us extension from the past five years are listed below.
  1. $26,000 (2018)
  2. $20,100 (2016)
  3. $20,000 (2021)
  4. $18,250 (2016)
  5. $17,999 (2020)
  6. $15,000 (2016)
  7. $13,000 (2016)
  8. $12,500 (2020)
  9. $12,500 (2020)
  10. $12,000 (2018)
  11. $11,822 (2021)
  12. $10,000 (2020)
  13. $10,000 (2016)
Here is the link to the complete list of NameBio-recorded .us sales over the last 5 years, arranged by price.

There are several place names among the significant sales, including and Interestingly, also sold for a good price.

One bonus of .us is that, in addition to representing United States, it is a nice match across the dot in many expressions including the word us. Domain name sales such as, and take advantage of this. Occasionally the extension is used in single-word domain hacks split by the dot, such as

Asking Price Distribution

With Dofo Advanced Search, it is possible to find the distribution of asking prices for any extension. The results for the .us extension are shown below.


While there are some high asking prices, most are $2500 or less, and many less than $500.

This distribution can be compared with asking prices for some other extensions in the article How Are Investors Pricing Their Domain Names.

US Extension Apparent Sell-Through Rate

It is possible to combine the number of names listed for sale across all of the major marketplaces, using Dofo advanced search, with the number of sales using NameBio, to determine an apparent sell-through rate. I say apparent, because the majority of retail sales are not listed in NameBio, so the actual sell-through rate is higher by some factor, perhaps about five.

There were 777 .us sales over the past five years, or about 155 per year on average. If we compare that with 140,948 .us extension names currently listed for sale, the apparent annual sell-through rate is about 0.11%. A similar calculation for .com yields a higher apparent sell-through rate, about 0.63%. However, it should be noted that, almost certainly, there are significantly more wholesale acquisitions included in the .com NameBio sales than is the case for .us.

The NamePros US Extension Discussion

Since 2012 there has been an official discussion, showcase and sales thread at NamePros.

Major Users of US Domain Extension

The best known user of a .us domain is, currently the 16th most popular website in the world according to Alexa 1M.

Other popular sites on the extension according to DomainNameStats include BUYMA luxury fashion shopping and Band, an integrated communications service.

In the Cisco Umbrella estimates of web traffic .us ranks 8th overall, while somewhat lower in ranking by number of Alexa 1M sites, according to data presented in Website Traffic Changes for Different Domain Names.

There has been widespread use of the .us extension by American state governments in the past. Over recent years, some have moved to .gov extension domain names, however.

The Extension

If looking for more information on the extension, check out There is a requirement that .us registrants have a bona fide presence in the United States of America.

GoDaddy Registry operate the extension. Neustar had operated the .us extension prior to the GoDaddy acquisition of Neustar’s registry business last year.

I checked for abuse ratings at Spamhaus for the .us extension, finding 8.4% showing abuse with a 0.69 badness score. That is somewhat worse than .com, 3.2% and 0.39 score, and .net, 4.6% and 0.46 score, although not particularly high.

Registration costs in .us are normally sharply discounted for the first year, with renewal costs of $8 to $10 at a number of registrars according to TLD-list.

Please share your experiences and outlooks for the .us extension in the comments section.

Thanks to Alexa, DomainNameStats, NameBio, and Dofo for data used in this article.

The idea to do an analysis on the .us extension was suggested to me by a NamePros member, but I can’t seem to find that post. If that was you, thank you for the idea, and please identify yourself in the comments, if you wish.
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
Still on first 25 sales my sale of Boat . us ( last 5 year's )
Thanks for sharing to us this article Mr. Bob Hawkes & hope to be read by many as possible from NP community & start to invest in .us
Namebio records not totally full because they are private sale ( just me have few in range xxxx ) and also not have data sale from Uniregistry ( at least not all ) as example my last sale that was $2500 for NeverGiveUp . us
Anyway thanks for this article
Kind regards,
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Thank you, Mr. Hawkes! Insightful as always.
I don't know much about sales data of these extensions to comment as an expert, but I will say that finding good available dictionary words in the .US extension is very common compared to most other extensions. I am not connected to the US so I cannot acquire any of those, but I accidentally do find names suggested which should surprisingly not be available.

On second thoughts, I feel the partially regulated status makes it hard to enforce things. I find so many domains being taken up by outsiders just waiting for a quick sale. Either they should have stricter conditions of residency, or make it freely available to all. This middle approach makes me uneasy. As I am very sure a lot of people exploit the "business connection" to simply get domains for flipping.

It is a bit surprising why the .us extension doesn't do as well as it should've. It is a mystery I put in the same bin as the .net extension not holding up as well as it should've, albeit at a different level. Of course, it isn't easy to predict which extensions would pull forward in the future. All we can do is make the best calculated guesses and perhaps manage to have enough diversity in our portfolios to handle these fluctuations.
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.us is a nice extension because it has the word "us" the thing that sucks is that GD bought them and most of those top sales are for some reason for sale on uniregistry.

Hate or Love - GoDaddy made ( maybe ) the best thing can do to acquire Neustar
I wrote many many times to key people on Sedo to promote .us ( they don't care to much )
Now with GD price & demand for .us are rising
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Hate or Love - GoDaddy made ( maybe ) the best thing can do to acquire Neustar
I wrote many many times to key people on Sedo to promote .us ( they don't care to much )
Now with GD price & demand for .us are rising
I'm not seeing it, put up most on my .us domains on nameliquidate
I'm not seeing it, put up most on my .us domains on nameliquidate
Put on Uniregistry , Afternic & change NS to &
Set to be brokered by Uniregistry brokers or ns5.afternic & ns6.afternic - new buy now land from Afternic
Name Worth