Ted Cruz: A Day Late and a Dollar Short for His Domain Names

By N-A, Mar 24, 2015
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    It’s been mentioned many times to register your own name or if you’re a public pop icon, defensively register variants of your name in the new gTLD’s, as well as the ones that you missed in the dot com space.

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R) seems to be the latest victim after announcing his presidential campaign as suggested by CNN.
    According to Wikipedia, Ted Cruz assumed office as the Solicitor General of Texas in January of 2003, while the whois on states that the domain name was registered April 20th, 2004. This gave Cruz ample time to register his own name as he may have already known that he was going to pursue a career in politics.

    With that being said, he may not have known that a domain name could taunt him during a 2016 election year with a website stating, “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA,” which may be subject to change once his opponent steps up.
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    His name is Rafael (as is his Dad).

    I think he should go buy - man of the people... or because Teddy... who wouldn't want a Teddy in office again?
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