Bob Hawkes

Naming As A Service

By Bob Hawkes, May 6, 2020

With respect to domain names, I operate ...

  1. totally on a product model of selling domain names from my portfolio

    142 votes
  2. largely on a service model of providing name consultation to end users

    9 votes
  3. on a hybrid model with both selling my own names and providing consultation

    33 votes
  4. something else (feel free to share in comments)

    14 votes
Total: 198 vote(s)

    NAMING.GE Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Great article, with lots of details worth mentioning.

    I do branding for about 20 years and that coincidentally matches the reg date of my first .com :)

    I always search for domain names in parallel with creating the brand name, but this is not common when describing the work of the branding agency. What happens, in reality, is that the agency initially defines the list of name acceptance criteria, then presents the list of options (based on everything but the domain availability), and only after the shortlist they more or less begin to think about possible domain names. Even smaller chance that they check social media handlers.

    Afterwards, if this is a ccTLD market, all shortlist options are being registered and sometimes there is a list of dozens of one-year, set-to-drop names that were rejected. If it is a (g)TLD market, names are mostly just checked on the aftermarket availability or some "creative solutions" are in search like domain hacks or gTLDs. And for this "creative" stage it is very important who is "the guy" behind that search and what are their capabilities: is it a digital marketing employee of the agency, knowing GoDaddy and feeling guru or is it a domainer / consultant / partner domain registrar (rarely).

    So, to summarize: best digital brands are still created only with a tandem of branding and digital / domaining professionals and removing any of this two from the equasion brings it only to luck / god or some other superpower to believe one can achieve good result :)
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  2. EP2020

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    Something else.

    End users, for some reason I don't understand, pay 100x or more of a domain registration price on the secondary market. This doesn't happen often but let's say 1 in 100 domains sell in a year.

    I see domaining as purchasing an option to sell for a higher price. If you want to try and model it like that further you can but I think it's easier to keep things simple.
  3. Kenny

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    Hi Bob,

    At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, (and I am), you should compile your blog posts and write a book.
    imo, you have an outstanding, in depth view of this industry and I would absolutely purchase one, even though I get to read it all for free here on nP, from n00b to legend it would be top addition to any and all of the best advice books ever offered on the art / business of domaining,
    You ask the right questions.

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