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Monday Updates: Domain Conference Voting, and More

By James Iles, Aug 24, 2015
  1. Happy Monday! I've got a few of updates for you:

    1. Due to a flood of nominations, a "run off round" of votes is needed to narrow down the field for THE Domain Conference Awards. Please take a minute to read the list, along with how to submit your votes. I'm pleased to see NamePros, Eric Lyon, and Ali Zandi nominated in particular. Votes from the list linked to above must be submitted by 5pm PDT on Thursday 27th August.

    2. The WHOIS data has changed. It lists [email protected] as the registered owner. This email address was used in the $300,000 acquisition of From some research, may have been acquired by Renrendai - a P2P Lending company that Tencent (owners of WeChat) invested heavily in last year.

    3. I noticed that recently received $28 million in Series B funding. Investors included American Family Insurance and Sir Richard Branson. You may have read my Inside Interview with the founder Jamie Siminoff, in which he describes how and why he changed his company from DoorBot to Ring, as well as acquiring Talking of Inside Interviews, check NamePros tomorrow for a fascinating interview with the buyer of a $430,000 domain name.

    4. Donuts Inc emailed me earlier today to let me know that Donuts is partnering with PetFinder Foundation to launch MyRescue.Dog - a site where rescue dog owners can post pictures and short stories about their beloved rescues and consumers can vote for their favorites. Each posted picture generates a $10 donation to Petfinder Foundation, and each vote generates a $1 donation up to $100,000.
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    I'm pleased to recognize @Paul Buonopane and @equity78 were on the list

    I think you accidentally left them off in oversight and didn't intentionally forget to mention them etc. etc
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