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Million Dollar Sales, Part Six: Where Are They Now?

By James Iles, Jul 19, 2017
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    This is the final edition of our six-part series in which we have been taking a look at what domain names that have been sold for seven-figure fees are currently used for. Each domain name in our list has been reported by DNJournal as having sold for $1 million or more.

    In part six, domain name sales such as, and are revisited to discover what the buyers have used the domains for. - $1 million

    This name was sold at a auction in 2010. Whilst the name had a $3 million buy it now price, the name eventually sold for “just” $1 million. Since then, as you might expect, the domain name has hosted a domain name registrar that also offers web hosting and other profitable services.

    In September 2016, Dave Evanson of Sedo announced in a tweet that the domain name was being put up for sale again, with an apparent asking price of $2.5 million.

    Currently, looks to have merged with Namecheap. - $1 million

    A social network called DUDU paid $1 million to own this rare four-letter .COM name back in 2012, in another deal that was brokered by Sedo. The company that acquired the name ran a Dubai based social networking service called DUDU Communications.

    The name was soon put to work as the destination for this social network, but now there is no website on the name at all. I can find no indication as to whether the company has closed, or whether they’ve just opted to use the name for something else.

    money.jpg - $1 million

    Another financial domain name that has fetched a seven figure fee is This sale was handled by Frank Schilling’s, which is now the Uniregistry Market.

    The name is now owned by a company that brands itself as, and unsurprisingly lends customers money. - $1 million

    This million dollar three-letter .COM domain sale caused a lot of interest in the domain community since it’s rare to publicly see a three-letter .COM attain this kind of sales price. This sale was first discovered by George Kirikos, who found the sale whilst looking through an SEC filing from QNB Bank, the company that sold the domain name.

    The name was acquired by Qatari National Bank and is currently used to display the company’s global website. - $1 million

    Synacor, a large technology development company, completed the million dollar sale of in 2014. The domain swiftly moved to the possession of a German company who have been using the domain name ever since to offer a number of price comparison services. - $1 million

    The popularity of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, heavily influenced the sales price of this three-letter .COM domain name. Domain Guardians brokered the sale of this domain to GAWMiners, whose CEO has since been charged with securities fraud by the SEC.

    The domain is now owned by Bitmain Technologies, a Beijing based company, described as the world’s most valuable Bitcoin company. It currently displays strings of numbers, called block hashes, which probably make sense to those familiar with Bitcoin. - $1 million

    This two-letter domain sale was completed by Media Options in 2015. The buyer, ReviMedia, have used the domain name to host their powerful SaaS platform for lead generation.

    The new owner of, ReviMedia CEO Frans van Hulle, took part in our Inside Interviews series in October 2015, in which Frans spoke about how he acquired the domain and why he did so. - $1 million

    The final domain name on our list is a three-number .COM that, unsurprisingly, sold to a Chinese buyer in a sale that was brokered by 4.CN in 2015. The number 588 is very auspicious in China since the number indicates that you are in charge of your financial security. According to @Kassey Lee, it literally means 我发发 or “I’m making a fortune”.

    The name was acquired by a domain investor and may have been subsequently sold again, according to WHOIS movement. The domain currently displays a for sale page

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  7. Keith DeBoer

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    Wow, some eye openers in that list :)
  8. Haykay2005

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    We can't really call it a waste of fund.
  9. Argentum

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    Recently I regged nice gtld,, isn't nice? So soon you will hear 1 million dollar sale!
  10. Bros

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    Thanks for another awesome list! I just love to see how the domain names that sell for big money end up being used (if in any way!).
  11. Mr. Deleted

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    I was not aware of that when I bought last weekend. Sounds similar.
  12. matthewt

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    588! Hmm. I like the Chinese translation! I guess it's kinda like 666 for those going to hell.

    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. Gold Account

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    Thanks for the whole 'Million Dollar Sales' - series.
    I like to see expensive domains.

    Like I like to see very expensive domains.
    But not like I like to see the most expensive domain.
  14. djmc50

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    I have and Both are for sale.
    Contact me.:xf.wink:
  15. casper

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    Marvelous Sales, But they may be expecting profit in future sales. NOT for doing business. Expecting some Billions in future.
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