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Million Dollar Sales, Part Four: Where Are They Now?

By James Iles, May 15, 2017
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    Million Dollar Sales is a sporadic series in which we take a look at every single seven and eight-figure domain name sale that has been listed on DNJournal since its inception in 2003. In our previous three editions, we explored the current status of domains such as, and

    In our fourth edition of this series, we will look at eight seven-figure sales from to - $1.25 million - 2010

    This is an extremely interesting name with a recently checkered history. After being sold for $1.25 million in 2010, the domain looks to have then been resold in 2012 for a seven figure fee. Andrew Alleman of DomainNameWire wrote in 2015 of how had been saved in a UDRP filed by the owners of Fortunately, the domain was saved in the UDRP, but is now parked at Sedo. - $1.25 million - 2016

    Another recent seven figure domain name sale is that of As with many sales in our list, this sale was brought to light thanks to the investigative skills of George Kirikos. was acquired by CDN Jade Mine Resources, a jade mining and exploration company in Canada.

    Mr Shao Long Li, CEO of the company said: “[] could significantly expand our customer reach by developing a strong platform for the global trade of jade.” The name currently redirects to

    money.jpg - $1.2 million - 2014

    In June 2014, Dave Evanson of Sedo announced the sale of for $1.2 million. This extremely rare domain was owned by Minnesota MicroNet and sold to Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co., Ltd, the company behind Chinese marketplace Since there are only twenty-six double-repeating two-letter .COM’s in existence, the name was always going to attract a high price. Considering the Chinese domain-boom that occurred during 2015, it’s likely that the value of this type of domain increased substantially.

    According to a post on TheDomains by Jamie Zoch in June 2015, the domain resold but a price was not revealed. As of writing, is still owned by a Chinese investor and is currently not resolving. - $1.2 million - 2016

    Another two-letter .COM domain name and another sale found by George Kirikos. In September 2015, it was announced that GoDaddy secured exclusive rights to broker the sale of and Sometime later was confirmed as sold, but it wasn’t until May 2016 when we learned the sales price. was acquired by Tronc Inc, formerly Tribune Publishing, owners of the Los Angeles Times newspaper. The LA Times have failed to do much with the domain name at all, with a coming soon page still active. - $1.18 million - 2007

    Moniker’s silent auction at the Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam in 2007 produced one of the largest sales of that year. attracted a price of $1.18 million. The domain looks to have been acquired by Inc, a self-proclaimed global leader in sports gaming information.

    The website is probably due a makeover since its style doesn’t look to have been updated at all over the past ten years. - $1,169,175 - 2008 was sold by Sedo in 2008 for a figure that was record breaking at the time. The buyer was Unister GmbH, a German company that owns and operates several high profile .DE domain names including, and In July 2016, Unister filed for insolvency and according to DomainIQ, was transferred to a new owner in March 2017.

    Interestingly, sold for $271,000 just eighteen months after - $1,120,008 - 2007

    Ten years ago, Sedo completed the sale of Since then, there doesn’t look to have been much happening with the domain at all, with a generic GoDaddy parked page being displayed for many years. Now, however, there is a coming soon page on so it’s possible that a website will be launched at some point.

    The domain now looks to be owned by Pear Technologies, a company that owns a number of other properties including, and - $1.1 million - 2009

    Interestingly, was sold twice by the same company. In 2006, it looks like a company called Live Current sold along with a number of other premium .COM domains. However, it later reacquired before selling the domain for $1.1 million in 2009.

    The domain has been parked since then and is currently for sale at Sedo. However, it looks as though the name may have sold again in 2015 as the name moved out of WHOIS privacy protection, listing Avatar Invest Inc as the new owners. Avatar Invest Inc was founded in 2013.

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    @James Iles. This is another nice compilation. Thanks for sharing
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    It is such a shame that on average even these super-premiums are not put into better use by their buyers.
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    Names don't make the business, the business makes the name. is valuable because of the business behind the name. Many people purchase an expensive domain name thinking that it will automatically make their business a success only to find out it doesn't. The previous owners of learned that the hard way when they went out of business despite having a premium name.

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    Interesting, thx.
    It's a bit 'ET' but I am waiting for a sale of my domain.
    But unfortunately an 'E' isn't a 'T'.


    Well said, nevertheless there are exceptions.

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    Always enjoy the updates on these top selling names, thanks!
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    I heard summertechno . com almost hit 1MM mark. Domain listed for auction again - think it expired and back online: bit . ly/2rNc4Xw
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    great article - yes I updated :)