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Inside Interview: Why Buying Was Worth Every Penny

By James Iles, Feb 26, 2018
  1. Fourteen years ago, Craig Clark and his wife Abby founded Pacific Pillows whilst Craig was on active duty in the Marine Corps. Using the domain name, the company flourished but by 2010, the company was looking to change their brand. Craig settled on and ultimately created a deal allowing him to purchase and the singular at the same time.

    In this interview, Craig tells us about, why the company paid a six-figure fee to purchase both names and why it was a move that was worth every penny.

    Tell us a little about yourself and the company behind

    Your company originally started on When did you first look to rebrand to

    How did you first go about finding out that was available to buy? Was it a case of contacting the owner, or was the domain offered to you?

    According to WHOIS history, you bought and What was your reasoning for buying both domains? Did you have specific plans for both names?

    Can you reveal how much you paid to acquire both domain names? How did you justify the amount you paid?

    Did you use any tools (e.g., automated appraisals), services (e.g., manual appraisals, domain brokers), or data (e.g., sales data, search volumes, search results) to determine your best offer and/or the value of the domain?

    We How long did it take for the deal itself to close?

    Did you notice an immediate impact to your business (either positive or negative) by moving from to For example, did your CTR on marketing campaigns improve? Conversion rates?

    According to our research, you also own and a number of other one-word .COM domains. Would you consider yourself as a domain investor (e.g., plan to sell them for a profit), or are these simply acquisitions for your company (e.g., brand protection or build them out)?

    What advice would you give to a company thinking about upgrading their domain name?


    Thanks to Craig for taking part in our Inside Interview series. If you would like to follow the story of further, you can visit their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

    These responses have been edited for clarity.

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  6. james haw

    james haw Top Contributor VIP

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    Thanks James, and to Craig for sharing. Without that geo keyword, they're essentially now "the" pillows site :)
    Great investment and business move.
  7. maxtra

    maxtra Let's make a deal VIP

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    Great read and case study for any company or startup on the value of a good domain to establish a memorable presence online. Thanks!
  8. We’ve published around 30 interviews now. All excellent case studies for domainers to refer potential buyers to!
  9. Hui Siew Choong

    Hui Siew Choong Established Member

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    Well said. It surely worth every penny for branding a generic names. I not only keen on generic branding in english but also in many other well spoken languages like Chinese and Indonesia ( incidentally with the huge Indonesian population , Indonesian will be the top 5 economic power by year 2030) . I owned which means pillow in Indonesian and Malaysian . Hope one day I will find a good JV as well
  10. kandyan

    kandyan Top Contributor VIP

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  11. elevator

    elevator VIP

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    Nice interview @James Iles. I also appreciate Craig for sharing. I have learnt few ideas in the interview. Thanks once again.
  12. sellbourne

    sellbourne Established Member

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    gr8 explanation for online presence.well done4 interview 👏👏👏
  13. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Top Contributor VIP

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    Brilliant interview, thanks for posting.
  14. FolioTeam

    FolioTeam VIP

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    Thanks for sharing
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