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How Did You Get Your First Domain Name Sale?

By James Iles, Nov 27, 2017
  1. theunique

    theunique Established Member

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    Watched a video about expired domains and did some research on sales prices. Got curious and told my girlfriend about my discovery for about three days.

    She said that I should not get on her nerves with such kind of things and wanted to see proof. After dinner, I bought an expired domain at GoDaddy, wrote two emails in the morning to people I thought could be interested. I got one answer and sold it for $450 the same day ;) It felt great!!

    I thought domaining is really easy and started hand registering lots of crap ;) Turns out that it isn´t as easy to find a perfect fit for most domain names...
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  2. Amzymayor

    Amzymayor Established Member

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    Registered a name for reg fee on namesilo. Changed the dns to voodoo. And one day, I received a message that someone was interested in my name.

    Then we got chatted. I asked for $2000. But he said $750. I agreed to his price and I sold it. In fact, he was the first to send a PayPal transfer before I pushed the name into his account.

    I remember vividly that I couldn't sleep again. Just wondering what a luck I had. Looking back at that time, I don't think I can reg that kind of name again
  3. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Active Member VIP

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    I believe the first name sold was a collectibles related name we had recently acquired for use as a website name or a re-direct to a site.

    Inbound inquiry, most likely based on whois info, and we went back and forth re price - I emphatically insisted on $2500. and he stubbornly held steadfast at $2000. and, we both begrudgingly said yes to the middle ground of 2250.

    There really were " no comps " back then to use as a basis for pricing as this was either 1997 or early 1998 so pricing was an educated, intuitive guess.
  4. Keukatodd

    Keukatodd Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    Hand registered on GD in my second week of trying my hand at domaining. My intent was to make a brandable for the Marijuana market from a play on "Polkadot."
    I put a BIN of $200 on it and it sold about a week later on GD. It was my 1st domain sale ever. Long long story but the customer paid for it but never claimed it. I was freaking out thinking I was not following the correct procedure but I basically signed the domain over to GD Admin to push and customer STILL never took ownership! After a period of time, GD gave me the rights back to the domain, LOL. I still have it today!
  5. TC27

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    BartendersUniversity/com for $850 in 2013. Backordered it at Godaddy after seeing it in a drop list.

    I sold to a guy who had a bartender school, he has since dropped the name and it was picked up by Huge Domains.
  6. learie

    learie Upgraded Member Gold Account Blue Account

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    My first sale I believe I did not take advantage of the opportunity. This agent contacted me through an email indicating to me that he has a client that is interested in purchasing one of my domain First I thought it was a scam, so I decided to play-along and found out it was legitimate. He offered me $250 and I just said $500 and immediately he took it. It was at that point I realized I made a "booboo." That was my first and surely my last.
  7. Marshall

    Marshall Hot Member VIP

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    Sold my very first names for around $4 each...

    What? Expecting another miraculous story?

    Well, not all stories have lucky beginnings but maybe there will be a happy ending.

  8. Established Member

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    My first 2 domains sold were from inbound inquires. The customers did a whois lookup and emailed my admin contact email address. One domain sold for $750 (2013) the other which was a LLLL .com (2015) sold for $800.
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