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Giuseppe Graziano Gives New Insights into the Short Domain Market

By James Iles, Oct 18, 2016
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    Giuseppe Graziano is one of the domain industry's leading brokers. Through his brokerage company,, Giuseppe has been involved in millions of dollars worth of sales in the short domain name categories that have dominated the market in 2015 and 2016, thanks mainly to the activity of Chinese investors who were snapping up as many liquid domains as possible.

    Giuseppe Graziano
    Over the weekend, Giuseppe told us that his brokerage company,, is due to release a Q2 report on the short domain name market, partnering with Estibot’s parent company Intelium and Russell Panella's to give some interesting data to the liquid domain market.

    That report is out today, and is available from the website. The report uses Estibot data to produce a market cap for each liquid domain category, along with turnover estimates and’s forecast for each section. It looks to be a very interesting read for anyone who follows the liquid or short domain market.

    As it deals only with the 2nd Quarter of 2016, the data and opinions within the report are up to date and extremely valid. Forecasts for liquid domain categories profiled range from “Stable and Valuable” to “Volatile”.

    It looks to be a report that both investors and end-users can reference, to get a better grasp of the data that shapes this niche. I took this opportunity to ask Giuseppe several questions about the report and the liquid domain name market.

    Why was this report created in the first place? Giuseppe told us:

    “We felt there is still a large gap between the perception of fair value of domain names for industry insiders as opposed to outsiders. With this report, we want to bridge the gap by using data as common ground. While it is true that each domain is unique, we think it is beneficial for the whole industry to understand the forces that drive supply, demand and liquidity in the long term.”

    Giuseppe is in a great position to comment on the liquid domain name market, so I wanted to ask him what his thoughts are on the liquid domain market right now:

    “2014 and 2015 saw prices increase over 100% in many domain classes, mostly driven by investor demand from China. The market was long due to a correction, which is what we are seeing right now.”

    It's evident that the liquid domain market is experiencing a lull in both sales volume and sales prices. Will this be changing any time soon? According to Giuseppe, prices may have to become significantly lower before any improved market conditions are realised:

    "Once the price of specific domain classes become significantly lower than the price an end user might be willing to pay if contacted via outbound, that would be the moment in which certain domain categories will become attractive again. I think there are still opportunities though in the classes that are highly developed but have not been subject to excessive speculation."

    As ever, Giuseppe is willing to give advice to those who will listen. I know there are many investors at NamePros who have invested in liquid domains, and Giuseppe was kind enough to offer some advice for those interested in this niche:

    “Find niches that are still under-priced and invest for the long term. In 2015 a significant part of investors bought blindly everything that was in demand in China - while this makes sense on a short term perspective, it is not necessarily the most optimal strategy for the long term.”
    Thanks to Giuseppe for taking the time to speak with us, and for giving his views on the current state of the liquid domain market.
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    Giuseppe is someone people should listen to and there's really only a handful of them. Apart from knowing what he's doing he ALWAYS answers his emails when asked for advice. Many of these "experts" re: Domain Sherpa and a few others could learn from his professionalism.
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    I agree with London, G is in a class of his own.
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    Thanks also so much to you Giuseppe for gather and share so valuable analysis
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