sales Gem.com Moves Into Escrow in a Deal Likely Worth 7 Figures

The domain name Gem.com has moved into Escrow.com's holding account today, signaling that a deal involving this three-letter .COM domain has been agreed. Registered in 1992, Gem.com has been owned by the Roglenn Inc since at least the late 1990s, based on archival copies of the domain's website.

Roglenn, who used the name Gemini Facilities Core Group, developed Gem.com to display their corporate website, but the name has sat idle for the last few years.

This valuable three-letter .COM will likely have received much interest, but the owner has now opted to enter into a deal involving this name. According to a source, the sale of Gem.com has been agreed, and it is a seven-figure fee being paid in installments across several years. The parties involved are using Escrow.com to manage the transaction.

At the time of writing, Gem.com is not forwarding to any website, but its new owners may put the name to use soon. The identity of the new owner is currently unknown, so we can only speculate at this point.

A potential buyer for this name would be Gem, a cryptocurrency brand that has raised over $20 million in funding since 2014. This company operates on the Gem.co domain name, so an upgrade would be logical.
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