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Five Domains SalesForce Does Own, Five They Should Own

By James Iles, Mar 6, 2017
  1. Recently, we published a blog post entitled “Five Domains Apple Does Own, and Five They Should Own”, which proved to be a popular topic, and one which we’ll be continuing here with SalesForce. SalesForce are one of the leading providers of customer relationship management (CRM) software in the world, with a market cap above $55 billion and a total of 19,000 employees, according to Wikipedia.

    SalesForce already own an impressive portfolio of premium domains, and as you’ll see below, they’ve never been scared to pay seven figure sums to buy the best domain names possible for their projects. In this article, we’ll take a look at a selection of just five of the many premium domain names that SalesForce own, as well as five names that we think the company may look to buy in the future. We'll start with five that SalesForce currently has in their portfolio:

    In 2011, the domain was listed in a Moniker auction with a reserve price of $1.5 million. The name was previously owned by UBM plc, a global business to business (B2B) leader. According to a press release from Moniker at the time of the auction, the sales price significantly exceeded the reserve. In September 2011, Andrew Alleman of DomainNameWire published an article that pretty much confirmed the sales price of the name was $4.5 million.

    SalesForce now use the domain to host a standalone site that leads through to a product page that claims that “Better data can transform your business.”

    Another seven figure domain purchase by SalesForce in 2011 was that of This time, the name was entered into the DOMAINfest Barcelona auction with an opening bid of $5 million. Eventually, the name sold for $2.6 million after the auction had finished, and the buyer was revealed as SalesForce.

    As of writing, the domain forwards to a part of the SalesForce website that promotes social advertising solutions.

    The sale of was first spotted by Andrew Alleman of DomainNameWire in March 2012, when the domain suddenly changed WHOIS data. Coupled with the fact that the domain had been listed in Moniker’s latest live auction, it became apparent that the name had sold.

    Eventually, the buyer was confirmed as SalesForce, adding to its impressive portfolio of premium, one-word .COM’s. As with, forwards to a page within SalesForce’s main website that advertises one of their products.


    This is SalesForce’s latest purchase. Of course, Einstein is a name that is synonymous with genius or intelligence, and it seems that SalesForce are using the name to promote their latest artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

    As of writing, it is unknown as to how much SalesForce paid to buy, but the name was previously owned by an end user called Shmuel Einstein & Associates, Inc, who hosted a basic website on the name. For reference, Albert Einstein’s official licensing website operates on

    This extremely valuable two-letter .COM domain was after SalesForce completed their $390 million purchase of RelateIQ in 2014. The switch was first spotted by Elliot Silver of in December 2014, and although a price has never been revealed, a commenter on Elliot’s article speculated that the price was in the low seven figure range.

    The name currently forwards to the far longer, which houses the SalesForce IQ platform.

    Domains SalesForce Should Consider

    There are a few domain names that could be an excellent fit for the SalesForce portfolio of domains. Here are five domains they could consider.

    SalesForce already own, so why not This powerful one-word .COM domain could become a part of the vast SalesForce portfolio, especially considering that the ultimate aim of many of the SalesForce products is to help companies or individuals increase the leads, and their sales.

    Currently, is owned by Oracle, who are forwarding the name to their Sales Cloud blog. Given the fact that Oracle are one of the largest tech companies in the USA, it’s unlikely that they’ll feel the need to sell the domain, but if they do, I think may be a prime candidate for buying it.

    Since SalesForce already owns, I think that would be a nice addition. My reasoning for this is based on the fact that SalesForce already owns, and they make several references to the term “Help Desk” throughout their website, especially on the Service Cloud sales page. has been owned by the same company since the domain was registered in 1995, and the name currently provides a resource to CRM and IT professionals.

    Cloud services are extremely fashionable at the moment. Major tech companies including Intel, Google and Apple reference the cloud many times in their various product offerings. SalesForce is no different. Products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud are advertised heavily on their website, so should the domain ever come up for sale, I should imagine that SalesForce will have some interest.

    The name currently forwards to a product page for Citrix Cloud, which is an IT product from Citrix, who are an American multinational software company.

    This domain is unlikely to come up for sale, since the company that owns it has used heavily in their company’s branding. Still, I think that if SalesForce had the opportunity, they would pay handsomely to own this name.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a major part of the SalesForce business, and the phrase is mentioned eleven times just on the company’s homepage. Even the company’s New York Stock Exchange stock symbol is CRM.

    The final domain name on our list is Analytics is the discovery and interpretation of data patterns, and is a word that has been synonymous with Google for many years, thanks to their Google Analytics software.

    SalesForce use the term regularly on their website and throughout their products. They even have a product range called Wave Analytics. The domain name has been used to house a basic website for a Virginia-based company for many years, and it’s likely that they have received many substantial offers for the domain.

    Should the name ever come up for sale, I think that SalesForce would happily add it to their portfolio.
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  8. Nice! I wonder whether SalesForce had attempted to buy the domain at that point in time, and it was a very public way of saying "no"?
  9. AnthonyD

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    Great article! I've got several "CRM" and related domains which they can take off my hands! :)
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    2,019 was owned by Siebel, and the Oracle acquired Siebel for many billions of dollars.

    I think it's a clever message to Salesforce customers, that might have gone to instead of, i.e. that they should just keep navigating to (Oracle), as "Salesforce isn't necessary", is better, etc.
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    We need more end users who understand domains like SalesForce :)
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    how big salesforce company? so the owner can bought few $millions domains
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    0 seems to be like a no brainer.
  14. DGMDomains

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    615 would be one hell of a price tag.
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    Why on earth do you have in the list?
    CITRIX (Mkt Cap 12B and a power player in the Cloud space) they will never sell it

    Do a little bit of research on the matter...
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    Not nice

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    Hmmmm, I think has the best potential in real use (from the list provided) however the one I would kill for is
  19. They are five domain names that SalesForce could consider based on services provided and their current portfolio.

    It's completely hypothetical. I'm well aware of the owners of each domain in this list.
  20. Domo Sapiens

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    And that is my point, if you know the owners and the story behind
    why then even mention it when there is absolutely NO chance they could acquire it...
    That's just my personal opinion.
    Nice compilation, though... but this is kind of a "getting old quick or peaked theme" the Cloud, you know the hottest domain trends are AI VR Bots etc etc
    Anticipation is the name of the game..
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    Salesforce also owns and

    They used to own but sold it in 2014.
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