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Expert Exchange: How Do You Speed Up the Learning Process for Potential Buyers?

By James Iles, May 22, 2018
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    Typically, end users are the type of buyers that pay the highest prices for domain names. Scrolling through NameBio, you’ll see numerous examples of startups to corporations paying five, six, or seven figures for the best names. End users aren’t necessarily domain experts, and many of them may wonder why a string of characters is worth thousands of dollars.

    Since domain brokers traditionally work with some of the most valuable domains that are available for purchase, we were curious about how they educate potential buyers on the value of a good domain name.

    How do you lessen the learning curve (speed up the learning process) for potential buyers?

    @Joe Uddeme, Founder of NameExperts LLC

    @Jen Sale, COO of

    @Bill Sweetman, CEO of NameNinja


    George Hong, CEO of @GUTA

    @Giuseppe Graziano, CEO of GGRG

    Kevin Fink (@iHaveThisIdea), COO of Starfire Web Holdings

    @Dave Evanson, Senior Broker at @Sedo

    @Hobi Michalec, Co-founder of Lumis Group

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  6. Dave

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    Thanks for sharing. In my experience, it is mostly outbound that requires educating if you are asked "Why does it cost that much?". I would say for 90% of inbound enquiries, the potential buyer has already done their research and knows what their budget is and what they are willing to pay.
  7. john_karr

    john_karr Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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  8. kandyan

    kandyan Established Member

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    Thanks for Sharing..
  9. 1Darko

    1Darko Top Member VIP

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    Some great insights - thanks!(y)
  10. topdom

    topdom Established Member

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    From my experience people just ignore a message, and continue ignoring. It doesn't matter whether you offer
    a $ 5000 domain for $ 250. Low price doesn't matter, high price doesn't matter. There is no discussion. Only total silence. It feels like the email service has an embargo on the seller.

    A potential "buyer" may be paying 50 usd for renewing each of their 100,000 junk domains, and you may have the exact keyword they are promoting in a good extension, but they won't offer 1 usd to buy it, because sharks around that corporation know how to scam that business from inside and not allow others in.

    Or the "buyer" may be poor, but it doesn't matter. Result is the same. They ignore the message.

    (If you find an ugly single girl and you say I'm single young, smart, well educated, friendly, rich, and as you see good looking.. the girl would say: l oooser, and not say "prove it" Same thing happens with domains. )

    Normally I have premium .biz, .info, .org, .de whatever which would be perfect replacement for their totally junk .com or other domain. There is no reaction.
    Then I tested the same thing with .com. Result is the same. People on the other side read the message and have a reaction, but I don't see that reaction.
    Since it doesn't seem to work, I do this rarely.
    I think instead of offering the domain directly, some other methods should be used.
    Maybe if it is a big business, hiring companies who work with that business may work.

    Maybe one way is to send a message with html or css, but I don't know how to use such things, and don't want to spend time on it.

    Indian webmasters are spamming me everyday, and I delete their messages immediately. Even if I was looking for webdesigners, I'd still ignore them. But domains are different. You don't have to trsut sellers. But potential "buyers" don't seem to know this.
  11. topdom

    topdom Established Member

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    An alternative: send an e-card instead of an email. E-cards may look better than emails. But that service may hijack your efforts, and advertise something else.
  12. topdom

    topdom Established Member

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    I can't edit my message so I have to post again..I'm not against Indians. India is a top software country and they can do great job for a small price (outsourcing). But why trust someone sending "spam" messages, or even if theirs is not spam, how distinguish them from spammers.

    Indians were spamming with seo offers, and they were making those offers from gmail. So Google knows what they were doing. I didn't hire them (I was doing well already). but maybe because of this they did it in reverse and collapsed our rankings. And it is Google's fault to punish poor backlinks not ordered by site owners. Maybe it is not fault but something more.
  13. Billy Wagner

    Billy Wagner VIP

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    Great insight from some veterans!
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