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Elon Musk Finally Puts to Some Use

By James Iles, Dec 11, 2017
  1. One of the biggest stories in domain investing this year was Elon Musk's acquisition of the domain name from PayPal. The news, originally reported by, made headlines around the World and put domain investing briefly into the spotlight. The entrepreneur and current CEO of Tesla tweeted about the news at the time, confirming the acquisition in a post to his sixteen million followers.

    Since then, has had a distinct lack of content. Since the summer, the domain name has held a web page that simply held the letter "x" that changed to a "y" if any other subpage was requested.

    Over the weekend, Elon Musk redirected to "The Boring Company" website's hat shop after revealing that his company has sold over 30,000 hats to date. Musk created The Boring Company in December 2016 thanks to Musk's idea of creating a tunnel network to improve transport capabilities in some of the America's major cities.

    Thanks to the media coverage of Musk's acquisition of, the name has received a huge spike in traffic, with Alexa giving the domain a global ranking of 129,974 as of writing.

    Whilst this latest change for isn't quite the development that many fans of Musk were hoping for, it is interesting to note that he has finally put the name to some use. Many assumed that would be used in conjunction with SpaceX, another of Musk's current companies. is one of only three one-letter .COM domains currently in existence, although there are plans for Verisign to auction off the domain name in future.

    The sale of to Elon Musk, brokered by Media Options for an undisclosed fee, comes almost two decades after Musk launched as one of the first online banks.
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  6. internet

    internet New Member

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    2 to ? O_o(n)

    what about ?
  7. Keith DeBoer

    Keith DeBoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    Great article James, but I'm not sure what this means:
    " is one of only three one-letter .COM domains currently in existence"
  8. Only, and exist with plans for to be made available at some point
  9. Keith DeBoer

    Keith DeBoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    Amazing, thank you James!
  10. CryptoInvestor

    CryptoInvestor Experienced Investor VIP

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    Why are only those 4 domains available? Who owns the other 22 letters and why arent they for sale/being used?
  11. creataweb

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    I believe they were pulled from registration and held back.
  12. offthehandle

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    He needs a better songtrack like from the Original Band “X”. Lol
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