information Domaining as an addiction; Buyer threatens with UDRP; Is my Registrar holding me back? Do you trust Epik with your domains? Dot .in Registry woes

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Is Domaining an investment or an addiction? Prospective buyer threatens with a UDRP; Is my Registrar holding me back? Can Epik be trusted with low cost registrations? Dot .in domain renewal issues at the Indian Registry.

Domaining is a investing or a addiction?
Some people appear to be "addicted" to domain registrations, in the sense that they don't give a second thought to the prospect of their investment. Is this a dangerous practice and how can you carefully invest in domain names? Join the discussion and find out.

Topic by @Phina

Prospective buyer threatening for UDRP
A prospective buyer inquiring for a domain name is threatening its registrant with a UDRP; the domain was registered mere months before that person claims to have acquired a trademark. How should the registrant proceed with these threats?

Topic by @DomainNameFlow

Is my domain Registrar holding me back?
A domain investor is concerned with certain requirements at IONOS; in order to create an account there, a service or product must be bought first. He wonders if this requirement is holding his ability to sell domains back.

Topic by @Krane65

Epik offering cost-plus price: just $0.50 over their cost. Can they be trusted?
It's been a rough year for Epik registrants, due to the Masterbucks scandal and the apparent sale of the Registrar. New, low cost offers at Epik seem appealing, but can domain investors trust the company with their domains and money?

Topic by @Allysin

Dot .in domains not getting renewed, central registry connection problem
Weeks after hinting that domain investing might no longer be an acceptable use, the Indian Registry is having connection problems that prohibit investors from renewing their domains. Domainers are concerned that these two events are related. Find out what really happened.

Topic by @dnk

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