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Domain Data: Analyzing $30 Million of Liquid Domain Sales

By James Iles, Nov 14, 2017
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    Every quarter, Giuseppe Graziano of and Intelium Corp team up to produce an industry-leading report detailing the current state of the liquid domain market. With the end of 2017 fast approaching, the latest liquid domain report is now available.

    In this edition of Domain Data, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the numbers in the report, comparing those to the previous quarter. We’ll also be analyzing the $24.4 million worth of liquid domain sales conducted by this quarter. In total, the report contains almost $30 million worth of liquid domain sales.

    There are nine different liquid domain marketplaces in the report:
    • Two-letter .COM’s
    • Three-letter .COM’s
    • Four-letter .COM’s
    • Two-number .COM’s
    • Three-number .COM’s
    • Four-number .COM’s
    • Five-number .COM’s
    • Two-character .COM’s
    • Three-character .COM’s

    Developed Domain Names

    The report lists the number of developed domain names from each category. Overall, a total of 15.63% of all liquid domain names tested are classed as “developed”. It isn’t exactly clear what defines a developed domain name.

    The most developed category is, unsurprisingly, two-letter .COM’s with 35.5%. A vast number of corporations own two-letter .COM’s, with many smaller firms, also opting to acquire these premium domains in recent years. For example, domains such as, and have been picked up by companies looking to improve their web presence.

    Comparing the amount of two-letter .COM’s developed in Q2 to Q3, we see a slight decline in the number of domains developed. By my calculations, it shows six domain names have been declassified as “developed”. This could be due to the domain name having sold, such as Aron Meystedt’s sales of and

    In terms of the development of three-letter domains, it shows a similar pattern with 77 domains moving from “developed” to “undeveloped” status. Four-letter .COM’s, however, showed a gain of 7,719 domains becoming “developed”.

    The development of two, three and four-number .COM’s all dropped whilst five-number .COM’s stayed almost exactly the same, as did two and three-character .COM’s.

    Domains Sold

    According to the report, a total of 3,449 liquid domain names were sold in Q3, with the majority of those being four-letter .COM’s. With a fall in prices for most four-letter .COM’s, the disclosed sales volume totalled over $2.48 million, which equates to an average sales price of $1,087 per name. The turnover rate for four-letter .COM’s is lower this quarter, falling from 0.82% in Q2 to 0.50% in this report.

    Elsewhere, there were thirty-one three-letter .COM sales that were publicly revealed with an average sales price of over $43,000. There were no reported two-letter or two-number .COM sales, with just one three-number .COM sale.

    A category that remains active is the three-character .COM market. With a 1.36% turnover and 382 detected public sales, The average sales price for a three-character .COM this quarter is $1,076. Sales teamed up with Giuseppe and Intelium to release some of its data. Whilst exact figures weren’t disclosed, the company did reveal over $24.4 million in liquid domain sales for Q3. It’s interesting to note that just $5.4 million of liquid domain sales were publicly revealed, versus the $24.4 million in sales performed through It goes to show that very few sales are disclosed.

    Over $2.6 million of that figure was for two-letter .COM sales. Whilst we don’t know which domain names are accountable for that figure, we do know that several two-letter sales took place in Q3. These include Aron Meystedt’s acquisition of and his subsequent sale of both and

    There were no two or three-number .COM sales at, but there were plenty of three-letter .COM’s. A total of $7.34 million worth of three-letter .COM domains were sold via in Q3. As discovered in our “Detected Domains” series, recorded a couple of undisclosed three-letter .COM sales in the past few months including and It’s possible that these two sales contributed to that figure of $7.34 million.

    One of the most impressive categories in terms of sales volume is three-character .COM’s. With $8.5 million worth of sales via in Q3, it is the highest performing category. With just 28,080 three-character .COM’s in existence, there are likely to have been some relatively large sales conducted via

    For a full round-up of the Q3 report from Giuseppe Graziano and Intelium Corp, you can download a PDF copy of the report for free at Giuseppe’s website.
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  6. SamDam

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  7. Bros

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    Thanks for sharing, pretty interesting to see the number of developed two letter .coms go down.
  8. Recons.Com

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    Wow! So about 1.5% of total existing LLLL.coms moved to "developed" just in a quarter. Assuming, around 15% were developed already and if every year 5% or so is taken off the market, the supply of LLLLs dries up considerably every year.
  9. Keith DeBoer

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    That's an interesting conclusion Recons..... The article above says:

    "The development of two, three and four-number .COM’s all dropped"

    and the actual report (PDF) shows in slide #16 the trailing totals for the past four quarters and indicates the number of developed 4Ls has fluctuated up and down over the past 4 quarters with no real clear gains.

    but maybe I'm missing something :)
  10. Recons.Com

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    Did not look at pdf until now. Still you can see a gain of 1-2% even there. Maybe 7700 names was not for quarter, but for 4 quarters?
  11. Keith DeBoer

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    It's so interesting that the development % for these liquid domains fluctuates up and down. Even on the 3Ls. I find that remarkable. I would have thought it would just be one way and the number of biz failures etc would be minimal. But that was probably rather naive or me :)
  12. promo

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    I have not read the report yet. But seems to me there is a difference between four NUMBER .coms, which is what you are refering to Keith, and four LETTER .coms. Which is what Recons is referring to.
  13. Keith DeBoer

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    Thanks Promo for the correction, good catch.
    the PDF however does show ups and downs for development % for 3Ls and 4Ls.
    Its interesting data to mull over :)
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