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Detected:, and Are on the Move

By James Iles, Feb 12, 2018
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    Around a year ago, domain investor Josh Shapiro acquired the two-letter .COM domain Based on DomainIQ’s WHOIS listings, it looks as though Josh has now sold this domain to a Chinese financial organization. The domain was acquired by Limited of Hangzhou, a blockchain company who are using to host a new venture called “Financial Offerings”, a crowdfunding service for digital currencies.

    Here are the rest of the detected domain acquisitions and sales from prominent domain name investors, discovered the past few weeks.

    @Frank.Schilling's Name Administration Inc looks to have sold to China. The acronym USDT is the cryptocurrency created by Tether. Other names sold recently by Name Administration Inc include, and

    Page Howe (@sitehq) acquired According to DomainIQ’s WHOIS history, the domain was owned by the .CLUB registry until mid-2017.

    @Braden Pollock purchased, a domain previously owned by Blucora Inc. Braden also looks to have acquired via NameJet.

    In a deal covered in a previous article, @Telepathy look to have sold to TBC Corporation. According to Wikipedia, this tyre company employs more over 10,500 people. The domain now shows a website for National Tire Warehouse.

    Another deal likely closed by Telepathy is that of The name moved under privacy protection at GoDaddy and looks to have been acquired by Decent Health Insurance.

    Sam Dennis (@impulseleads) may have sold after the domain moved under privacy protection.

    As revealed recently on the NamePros blog, looks to have moved to China. The domain has been acquired by a client of brokerage firm, according to WHOIS.

    Garry Chernoff sold via NameJet for $2,716.

    Internet Real Estate Ltd acquired the three-letter domains and Reflecting a change in WHOIS information Media Options looks to have acquired

    Some of @Mike Mann's reported recent sales include for $19,888, for $14,888, for $25,000 and for $30,000.


    Data in this article is courtesy of DomainIQ.
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    Ironically sold last month.

    BPI is a hot combo right now!
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