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Detected: A 62.com Client Buys 001.com; Has AT.com Been Sold?…

By James Iles, Jul 24, 2017
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    Did Ring.com sell for $1 million? Recently, we published an article pointing to evidence that the domain sold for $1 million to a security company previously known as DoorBot. After publishing this article, we received further details from an anonymous source regarding the Ring.com sale. According to a screenshot sent by our source, the sale of Ring.com included an initial payment of $175,000 followed by a later payment of $825,000, bringing the total to $1 million.

    Here’s this week’s edition of Detected Domains in which we profile the latest acquisitions and sales from prominent domain investors and large portfolio holders, all courtesy of the tools available at DomainIQ.

    In China, a client of brokerage company 62.com acquired 001.com from US registrant. The similar domain name 01.com, which sold for $1.82 million earlier this year has also moved into 62.com’s escrow account. Could that signal that the name has been sold again?

    Has the domain name AT.com been sold? Recently, this two-letter domain moved under privacy protection at GoDaddy. This name was included in 2016’s Right of the Dot auction but failed to sell after receiving a $1.5 million bid.

    @Braden Pollock acquired GoGirl.com via a NameJet auction for a five figure fee.

    Elliot Silver (@EJS) looks to have sold Condone.com after the domain name went under privacy protection at @Uniregistry.

    @Mike Mann continued to post incredible sales figures. SaltandPepperHome.com sold for $28,888, WaveWholesale.com sold for $10,000 and AgriCool.com for $40,000.

    Mike also sold SellersClub.com for $12,000. He acquired the name in 2012 for $167.

    @Nat Cohen's @Telepathy Inc sold the one-word domain name Pronoun.com Macmillan Publishers earlier this year.

    Shane Cultra (@Domain Shane) acquired the one-word domain name Uncomfortable.com from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

    Ali Zandi (@Ali) purchased the plural two-word domain DrumKits.com.

    Media Options acquired OpusTech.com and Aracor.com to complete their portfolio of domains registered between 1987 and 2017.

    Anything.com sold the three-letter .COM domain name OFI.com.

    @Frank.Schilling sold Stey.com to a company based in Beijing. The domain had an Afternic “buy now” price of $49,200, according to DomainIQ.

    Aron Meystedt (@Napkin.com) sold the domain name XFU.com to a Chinese domain investor.

    Data courtesy of DomainIQ.
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  6. Sanwal

    Sanwal Sanwal Memon VIP

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    Thank you James!

    Do you have any idea about the price Shane paid for Uncomfortable?
    On another note Ring.com, imo is a win/win for both parties. (If true).
    Wish i had those funds, would've bought it, had some great ideas for that!
  7. elevator

    elevator DnCombo.com VIP

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    Thanks for this new great job as usual.

    It seems you mean to say "Ali Zandi purchased the plural two-word domain DrumKits.com"
  8. James Iles

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    Thanks, fixed.

    I doubt Shane will reveal the details. He did reveal his motivation for buying the name in a blog post a week or two ago though
  9. tld_org

    tld_org Established Member

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    I thought GoGirl.com's price on NJ was very high. I'll be interested to see what happens with that domain.
  10. dande

    dande Established Member

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    Who are buying these names from Mike? AgriCool is cool though but the other are no to me
  11. Domain Shane

    Domain Shane Active Member DSAD.com Staff PRO ICA Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I'll tell the price on Sherpa this coming Monday
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