We're able to disclose a few details of another one-word .COM domain sale this week. The domain name has changed hands in a deal facilitated by BQDN's James Booth (@BoothDomains) for an undisclosed fee.

The four-letter domain was previously owned by Alex Tabibi's ZCapital, who also own a portfolio full of domains such as,, and The new owner's identity is unknown since the domain name moved under privacy protection to Uniregistry.

Broker James Booth confirmed to us early on Wednesday, July 10th that he had facilitated the sale of and although the sales price hasn't been revealed, it's likely that this was a mid-six-figure sale or higher. James also clarified that he had spoken to the seller via phone before the sale was agreed to, doing due diligence as a good broker should do.

The sale of comes off the back of news of another four-letter .COM sale,, which was announced by DNJournal's @Ron Jackson this week. The price for was $1.5 million.

Since the name has moved to Uniregistry, it's probable that the domain was acquired by an investor since Uniregistry's clientele has historically been predominantly domainers. However, there are plenty of end users who may show an interest in the domain at some point in time including Wind Mobility, a micro mobility company that has raised $72 million in funding and operates on the domain name.
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