Bob Hawkes

After .COM, What Comes Next?

By Bob Hawkes, May 27, 2021

After .COM, what do you think is currently the next strongest general extension?

  1. .CO

    111 votes
  2. .IO

    151 votes
  3. .NET

    122 votes
  4. .ORG

    83 votes
  5. .XYZ

    33 votes
Total: 500 vote(s)
  1. Recons.Com

    Recons.Com Top Contributor VIP

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    I agree that we agree on things ) We also do differ on some, which is normal )

    I am not opposed to lots of new extensions per se. I wouldn't mind owning names like Houston.Online if a) the acquisition price was fair b) the renewals would be similar to .com

    Unfortunately, online doesn't provide that. The names that are available for hand reg with .online don't interest me.
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  2. ThatNameGuy

    ThatNameGuy Restricted (33% DM) Gold Account

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    It's a funny thing about the name Houston;

    1. - is for sale at a site called [email protected]
    2. Houston.Online - is taken and GD values it at $1,668
    3. - leads to a beautiful site
    4. VisitHouston.Online can be bought at GD for .99 cents and it renews @ 24.99 a year (not too bad)

    Elkan...I own about 30 .online sites like VistVegas, VisitOrlando, VisitFlorida VisitManhattan and I just bought VisitNASA speaking of Houston.

    Anyway, i just wanted to share with you some of my strategy. I believe when you say "Visit Vegas Online" it really is a natural fit for the .online extension, and especially if your business is totally online like Golf Equipment Online. These names would be considered "Premium" in the .online extension and my pricing will be around a thousand dollars and possibly $99 a year to the end user for renewal.....keep in mind I'd be paying 24.99 annually. Does any of this make sense to you? I appreciate the dialogue.
  3. Recons.Com

    Recons.Com Top Contributor VIP

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    I believe word+word works only for .com, .org (special cases like Doctor+Care, Pet+Shelter etc.), and some top cctlds, if we were to develop general rule of thumb for investment grade domains.

    Also, Visit+City+Online is not the same meaning as Visit+City or City+Online. Visit+City aims to bring people PHYSICALLY to a place. City+Online provides all the info needed for the place online. While Visit+City+Online should mean a service to experience the city virtually, maybe VR experience or something. Don't see many services like that or demand for that. It will also not contribute to city's economy for sure.
  4. ThatNameGuy

    ThatNameGuy Restricted (33% DM) Gold Account

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    Actually Covid generated a lot of interest in virtual travel. A good friend and his wife have been hooking up with their 9 year old grandson remotely every Saturday and have spent the last 50 weeks visiting major countries and cities around the world. They've been to Rome, Africa, Scotland, New York, and the list goes on.

    Bricks and mortar are on the way out and marketing/selling anything online is taking it's place.....just look at Circling back to reading this should check out their website. There you will find a very professional site "all about Houston". My point is that VisitHouston.Online is equally as good, and it's only a dollar.....think risk vs. reward:xf.wink:

    Finally, and no disrespect to you, i really don't care what other domainers think. I only care what a potential "end user" thinks. Make sense?
  5. redemo

    redemo Established Member

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    If xyz names are valuable why hasn't someone registered $ 3125? Renewal fee $ 3125 yes but a valuable name like GAME can earn that in one day trading.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
  6. Tony Blessed

    Tony Blessed Established Member Staff

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  7. frostify

    frostify Top Contributor VIP

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    I think one day we could see browsers natively offer a domain without a tld.
    For example you just type in "NamePros" into your browser and it automatically takes you here to the forums without having to type ".com" at the end. By default the .com owner controls this, but you can still visit other sites by simply adding .net, .org, .info, etc. to the end like you always have.

    The other (more likely) way I see things going is everything just slowly moving to becoming an app in an App Store. You just download the app for whatever you want to use with websites phasing out one day.
  8. secretagentdad

    secretagentdad Upgraded Member Gold Account ★★★★★★★★★★

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    What an interesting thought.
    Never thought about browsers making an end run around dns registrations before.
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