Twitter is one of the most popular ways to communicate and stay up to date with the latest news, and I think it’s an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the domain world, with some news and opinions covered on Twitter that may not necessarily make it to the domain blogs or forums.

For those of you who are on Twitter, here are some of the best domain name related Twitter accounts to follow.

1. George Kirikos (GeorgeKirikos)

George Kirikos (@GeorgeK) is the President of Leap of Faith Financial Services (Leap.com), and an incredible asset to the domain industry. Thanks to George, a number of previously unreported domain sales have been uncovered, such as the $420,000 sale of Wave.com and the $1.2 million LA.com sale.

His Twitter feed is usually domain-centric, and the amount of information that George publishes for free means that he's definitely worth following.

2. TheDomains.com (TheDomains)

Despite having sold his domain portfolio to GoDaddy at the end of 2015, Mike Berkens (@TheDomains) continues to be involved in the domain industry. As the owner of TheDomains.com, Mike tweets regularly about domaining related stories, with a few political tweets thrown in.

Mike also monitors domain name sales, and regularly reports on potential GoDaddy/NameFind portfolio sales that often don't get blogged about.

3. Jamie Zoch (Yofie)

Speaking of domain sales, Jamie Zoch’s account is another interesting feed to follow. Jamie (@Yofie) tells his followers about the latest corporate domain registrations and transfers, often uncovering new high value sales.

He keeps a close eye on a number of potential sales and new registrations and regularly posts his findings to Twitter.

4. NamePros (NamePros)

We couldn't have a list of Twitter accounts without mentioning NamePros! By following NamePros on Twitter, you can stay up to date with the NamePros blog, and the latest domain comics from @Eric Lyon.

5. Mike Mann (MikeMannDotCom)

Mike Mann (@Mike Mann) is an investor we’ve covered many times on the NamePros blog. He's one of the most successful domain investors around, and owns a portfolio of around 250,000 names including domains such as HappyBirthday.com, Obey.com and Tasty.com.

Mike's Twitter feed is always interesting to read since he routinely publishes news of his latest domain sales. He also shares his opinions on a variety of domaining related topics, including new gTLDs.

6. Raymond Hackney (TLDInvestors)

Raymond Hackney (@equity78) is one of the domain industry’s most prolific bloggers, who contributes interesting content to many of the top domaining websites. Under his guise as @TLDInvestors, Raymond shares news from his own blog, and often retweets some of the best posts from other domaining related sites.

7. Frank Schilling (Frank_Schilling)

Did you know that the CEO of Uniregistry (@Frank.Schilling) is the only domain investor currently with a Twitter “Verified” badge? Frank's feed is great to follow since he posts his opinions of current domaining events, and retweets the latest news from Uniregistry.

For those car enthusiasts amongst us, scroll down to October 1st 2016 on Frank's Twitter feed to see a photo of a Bugatti Veyron that he drove.

8. Flippa (FlippaDomains)

Flippa (@FlippaDomains), the popular marketplace that initially started as a venue to sell websites, but now allows domain sales, has a Twitter account specifically for its domain sales.

From time to time, Flippa posts some of their most popular domain listings and auctions. If you browse Twitter fairly regularly, and are interested in some of the deals that are up for grabs on Flippa, then this account may be of interest to you.
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