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8 Crypto and Blockchain Brands That Bought One-Word .COM’s in the Last 12 Months

By James Iles, Jul 4, 2018
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    Two industries that have caught the attention of the general public and domain investors over the past couple of years. Those are cryptocurrency and blockchain. Thanks to an influx of investment and funding available, many innovative companies have been created within the industries.

    With ample funding behind them, some of these companies opted to acquire the best domains possible for their brands. Here, with the help of DomainIQ, we have been able to track down eight companies that have acquired or leased valuable one-word .COM's within the last twelve months.

    At the start of June, we revealed that the Patriot Ledger in Quincy Massachusetts was in the process of selling the domain It turns out that the buyer of this name was cryptocurrency wallet provider Ledger, who upgraded from the domain.

    According to Crunchbase, Ledger has raised over $85 million in funding since 2014. They likely used six to seven-figures of this to get

    Fairly little is known about the Vest brand since it's still displaying a "coming soon" page, but Vest's founders decided to acquire this premium four-letter word in anticipation for the brand's launch.

    From what we can see online, Vest originally started life as 1Protocol before rebranding earlier this year. According to information available, Vest will allow you to earn interest on your Ether.


    Another acquisition we covered on this blog was Swarm's purchase of According to Crunchbase, Swarm is the blockchain for private equity, which democratizes investing. Based in Palo Alto, Swarm raised $5.5 million through an ICO in October 2017.

    In the months following the ICO, Swarm acquired with the help of NameCorp LLC.

    Founded in 2017, Harbor is reengineering private securities with blockchain technology and have already raised a total of $38 million in two funding rounds.

    One of the company's first acquisitions was the domain, which was previously owned by Internet Real Estate Ltd. Alongside, the company also wisely purchased and redirected the name to

    Another sale from the Internet Real Estate Ltd portfolio was that of This premium color domain was acquired by Internet Real Estate from investor Andy Booth (@andyboothsi) in 2017.

    Months later, became the home of Yellow Corporation, a capital fund and incubator for blockchain projects.

    This premium one-word name was previously owned by owner Francois Carillo (@DomainingCom) and used by Francois for a documentation service. It looks to have been sold earlier this year.

    As with, little is known about, with a coming soon page currently displayed on the domain. According to the company's Twitter account, Proof is on a mission to replace trust with proof using blockchain.

    Founded this year, Figure has already raised an impressive $100 million, according to Crunchbase. The company leverages blockchain technology to provide home equity release solutions and they're doing it on the domain name.

    Based on DomainIQ's WHOIS history, it's likely that the domain changed hands at the very start of the year. As with all of the sales on this list, the transaction details aren't known.

    Our final name on this list is the three-letter word, Again, founded in 2018, Eco is a digital global cryptocurrency platform created by Garrett Camp, an entrepreneur who previously co-founded Uber.

    The domain likely took a huge figure to acquire, perhaps into the seven-figure range. It's interesting to note on this occasion that Eco owns every @eco username for every major social network, which is am an impressive feat given the brevity and popularity of the word.
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    Congrats to buyers and sellers. Thanks for sharing
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    Interesting to see how businesses brand - Ledger is my favourite one. Thanks!
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    Very nice and informative article, thank you!

    If you have time and mood for that, as new gTLD investor I would personally love to read an article also about crypto/blockchain and new gTLDs - something like "228 Crypto and Blockchain Brands That Bought New GTLD domain name"..that would be interested read as well :)

    Interesting fact is that blockchain venture which raised far far most money last year (around 4 bil USD) is using new gTLD name (

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for your often sharing. Cheers
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    Interesting ! and very informative. Thank You for sharing @James Iles (y)
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    Fantastic info and article! Thanks for sharing!
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