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7 Generic Sports Domains and How They're Used

By James Iles, Aug 9, 2017
  1. It's often said that generic domain names can add value to a brand. The best domain in any category can elevate your project or website, giving it instant credibility. In this article, we take a look at seven sports domain names to see how what they display, and whether they are being used to their full potential.

    Originating in England, Rugby is a popular contact sport across much of the World, with over 6.6 million people estimated to be playing either Rugby Union or Rugby League. The name Rugby comes from the game’s development, which occurred at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire.

    It’s a popular sport, but who owns Surprisingly, the site the domain redirects to has little to do with the sport. Fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren has owned the domain since around 2004. According to DNJournal, Polo Ralph Lauren may have purchased the domain for $350,000 for the launch of their Rugby Ralph Lauren brand. The line of clothing has since been retired, with the name redirecting to Polo Ralph Lauren’s main website.


    Depending on where you live, football may have a different definition. Those in the USA will know football as the national sport that has very little in common with the definition of football used throughout much of the world. is owned by a California-based company, but the content is not geared towards American football. Instead, displays videos, news and transfer rumours largely from the English Premier League and other European leagues.

    Cricket is ranked as the third most popular sport in the World, with over two billion people following national and international teams. The game isn’t as popular in the United States, where the word “cricket” may be more commonly associated with the national cell phone company Cricket Wireless.

    Surprisingly, Cricket Wireless does not own The domain is parked at and is owned by an Indian investment company called Global Cricket Ventures. In the past, has displayed a website dedicated to the sport in recent years, but is now idle. Even though there is no content on the domain, it still remains popular, with a US Alexa ranking of less than 80,000.

    Golf can be one of the most expensive past times, with American players spending an estimated $35 billion on the sport in 2016. Golf-related domain names can cost a lot too, with, and all being sold for upwards of $50,000 each in the past.

    The domain name has been developed by Sports Illustrated, owned by media giant Time Inc. The name offers fans of the sport everything from booking a tee to tutorials and tournament leaderboards. The site seems to be extremely popular, boasting an Alexa ranking of just over 4,000 in the United States.

    Earlier this year, Elliot Silver of published the news that had been sold as part of an $8 million+ deal. The domain was previously owned by Tennis Media Company, but the company was acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group, who operate Tennis Channel in the USA.

    As of writing, still displays a very similar site to what was hosted on the domain before Sinclair’s takeover. The site is globally popular, with worldwide Alexa ranking of just over 20,000 and a US Alexa ranking of just under 7,000.

    Whilst basketball is traditionally popular in America, the game has seen a wider appeal around the world with NBA games screened in around forty countries, according to the NBA’s website. There’s plenty of money to be made as an NBA player, too, with four of the top ten highest paid athletes in the world for 2017 being NBA players. Unfortunately, a rising popularity is not something you can attribute to According to archived versions of the site, once held a developed website, but for the past four years, the name has played host to a coming soon page.

    It’s surprising that the NBA hasn’t attempted to add to its portfolio of domains that includes,, and

    Another one of America’s most popular past times in terms of both spectator numbers and amateur players is baseball. The MLB had the highest season attendance of any sport in the world in 2015, with a total of more than 73 million spectators. While the MLB owns and operates, the generic remains idle. is owned by Reflex Publishing, who own a superb portfolio of thousands of high-value names including, and several two-letter .COM’s. Even with no content, the domain name still receives type-in-traffic, boasting an Alexa ranking of around 863,000 in the US. Interestingly, is owned by the same person as
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  6. jstenn13

    jstenn13 ICA Member

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    I wonder how much parking revenue the baseball domain name gets. i wonder if it's still a significant amount
  7. Grego85

    Grego85 Fire.Horse

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    very interesting, I'm surprised they're not being better used. I wonder what a domain like or could actually sell for? Football especially because it is two different sports, both insanely popular. I own and was just thinking of the potential value recently. Even if it ends up being worth 1 or 2% of that's probably still pretty good.
  8. JB Lions

    JB Lions Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Not even close

    football.show105 USD

    you can see others ones, not that much
  9. shorterwinters

    shorterwinters Established Member

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    yes, very interesting.
    I never typed it in until today and I was wondering the same thing. Never, ever thought to type just it (or the other names) in before either.
    Are some names just too generic to really get lots of traffic just sitting there?
    So much more specifically related brands/names/leagues/teams/equipment/etc associated with baseball for it to get lots of type in standing alone I would think vs. something like golf or tennis. More global traffic than USA traffic for baseball?
    I popped up the reflex publishing site. I thought that was interesting as well. Quaint if nothing else.
    I bet the flooring site gets some traffic.
    Definitely gave me some things to think about.
    Interesting stuff for sure.

    CACTUS CROC Cactus Croc | buy | invest Gold Account

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    I like this article thanks for posting!!

    Voight Thornton
  11. Stick

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    very interesting read, thank you!
  12. Crysis

    Crysis Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks for posting James. Wonderful article.

    Live Current Media (the previous owner of completed the sale and assignment of the domain name and the Indian Premier League contract for a total consideration of approximately $1.75 million in 2009. Also in 2008, they claimed to have rejected an offer of $6M for the domain name.!!
  13. Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Not in a million years...
  14. htmlcolor

    htmlcolor New Member

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    Your article reflects the issue people are concerned about. The article provides timely information that reflects multi-dimensional views from multiple perspectives. I look forward to reading quality articles that contain timely information from you.
  15. garptrader

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    Most people outside the domain industry do not think or care much for domain names except for the startup or web developer looking for a name for their site. The vast majority find that the most obvious choices are taken. The thought of spending more than $xx for a domain name seems ludicrous to many - like paying $xXxX to see a single football game or concert event seems silly to me. So most opt for reg fee choices which reflect poorly on their brand.
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